The factory was founded in 1973 by Amici Pasquale Angelo. It was born as a metal turning factory and as producer of handmade artistic brass items, then it specialized as a turning factory from bar with cam operated sliding headstock lathes. It produced items and components for small parts for pneumatics, oil pressure, for the guns field, for locks, for the hydro-thermal sector and many others. In 2002 the son Alberto joined the factory and they bought automatic CNC operated sliding headstock lathes. They began to machine complex items of precision made of every kind of materials (ferrous and non ferrous).
Today it is a young, dynamic and versatile reality that can face the complex market requests with competence, professionality and will.
It produces metallic small parts of precision turned and milled from bar for third party in different materials, such as brass, stainless steel, steel, bronze, copper, aluminium and iron (AVP). These parts belong to different fileds: valves and taps factories, lighting, automotive, household appliances, pneumatics, oil pressure, electronic, modelmaking, jewellery, clothes industry, shoes industry and others.
It produces items according to customers’ drawings or samples in small, medium or big batches.
Besides the traditional cam operated lathes there are the newest CNC operated sliding headstock lathes with 13 controlled axes with the possibility to equip up to 70 different tools, 45 of which are motorized. There is also a new machine: it is a double spindle fixed headstock CNC with double turrets. This gives an idea of the complex machining that can be made on a single product. The maximum bar diameter that can be machined is 80 mm.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of the production. Througout the production the items are checked with proper instruments, such as the profile projector, a roughness gauge, other gauges, altimeters, etc. An oscillating washing machine for metals with the use of a solvent allows the customers receive perfect cleaned and degreased products.
It is a factory that looks at the future remaining loyal to those values, which are typical of the working tradition of its birth place, Lumezzane.

  • Hanwha
  • CNC 5 axes - bar diameter 20 mm
  • CNC 9 axes - bar diameter 26 mm
  • CNC 13 axes - bar diameter 37 mm
  • Biglia B470 – bar diameter 80 mm
  • Ama Universal washing machine for metals
  • Iemca
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