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CNC lathes

We look to the future but we remain tied to the values of the working tradition of our country.



I materiali trattati

Since 1973 we have produced metallic small parts of precision turned and milled from bar. We have CNC operated sliding headstock lathes and a double spindle fixed headstock machinery with double turrets. In a single product we can make different and complex machining. The maximum bar diameter that can be machined is 80 mm.


I materiali trattati

We produce items according to customers’ drawings or samples in different materials (brass, steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium and AVP iron) for various fields: valves and taps factories, lighting, automotive, household appliances, pneumatics, oil pressure, electronic, modeling, jewellery, clothing industry, footwear industry and others.


I materiali trattati

Particular attention is paid to the quality of the production. Throughout the production the items are checked with proper instruments, such as the profile projector, a roughness gauge, other gauges, altimeters, etc. Thanks to an oscillating washing machine for metals customers can receive products perfectly cleaned and degreased.